My name is Catterwall

I’m lost in the ocean of your eyes of endless blue…

JC at Will Rogers State Beach


Who am I?

Some people call me Catterwall but that isn’t the name my mother gave me. It’s a good one though since it gives me the freedom to scream, wail and cry like the wind howling in the middle of the night on a full moon.

Bass player on upright, uke and electric in this and that band here and there- LA and Fort Worth, but when I make my own music, you’ll find me playing some other instruments as well.

Love to write and sing original and cover songs- you usually won’t realize it’s a cover till way later. I make things my own.

Please don’t compare me to anybody or try to stick me in a genre- I bend sounds together to get the one I feel is trying to be manifested from the stream that flows by me for the given moment.


po box 2044
Winnetka, CA 91396
Phone: 310-776-5840


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